The Committee of the Stonefields Residents Association

The Committee

Here are the members of the committee of the Stonefields Residents Association.

Andrew Bramwell

Andrew Bramwell

Andrew is a Stonefields resident and business owner who for the last year has served as the SRA’s treasurer. A bonus for the association is Andrew’s wife Ellie, the super Stonefields School Office Wizard who is ever-helpful and accommodating.

Barry Goodey

I have lived in Stonefields for 11 years. I have for over the last 50 years been either a CEO or Managing Director of Engineering companies and have been mostly a growth Manager working overseas notably in England and Canada. I have in the past been on the committees of various golf clubs and been the President of the NZ Bichon Frisé dog club. Now retired, I am keen to give back to my fellow Stonefields residents and businesses my support and assistance on the committee of the SRA.

Kelly Armitage

Kelly has lived in Stonefields with her husband Steve and daughter Mila since 2014.  She owns her own communications consultancy, and has many years of experience in public relations and communications, including in central/local government and for large corporate businesses. She wants to become more involved in the local community and hopes to use her skills to help further improve communication to residents, local businesses and other stakeholders.

Kerry Laing

Kerry LaingMy wife and I have been residents of Stonefields for three and a half years.  I am a director and principal consultant of my own environmental consultancy and also a member of the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Committee of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  I am a keen gardener, have planted many trees in parks and reserves and want to promote the development of the planted and natural environment in Stonefields.

Martin Taylor

Martin Taylor

Martin has lived in Stonefields for five years. He’s a keen walker and cyclist and loves the strong sense of community that Stonefields provides. He runs a book publishing and digital marketing business, and has held senior publishing and industry group roles in New Zealand and the US.

Paul van Dorsten

Paul Van DorstenPaul has enjoyed the Stonefields community for over four years with his wife Vivienne. He has many years’ experience in both local community and sporting organisations. Together with his business experience this will assist the Stonefields Resident Association to enhance the area to be a safe and great place to live. He currently Chairs both the Parnell Business Association and the Board of Trustees of the Mount Wellington Skateland (the largest community based indoor skate rink just around the back of mountain).

Pip Van Der Putten

I moved to Stonefields with my husband in 2016, we love being a part of such a supportive community and think it will be a great place to start a family. Using my marketing and events background, I help manage the SRA’s digital assets to keep residents up to date with what’s happening in Stonefields. I’m also on the events team, creating fun events for the neighbours to get together and enjoy our community.

Making Stonefields a great community to live in