Development Update

Development within Stonefields including Stage 6 between Magma Cresent and Barbarich Drive continues and, as expected, there is plenty of interest in exactly what is going on and how it is affecting the community. The main issues that are likely to arise from the development would be issues relating to:

Mud tracking onto the roads
Sediment control
Hours of work
Truck movements
Damage to roads and footpaths

In the event that you observe an issue please report it to the Association by using the “Contact” page on this site. We have contact points within both Council and Developer organisations and will advise them accordingly. Alternatively you can of course contact the Council and Developers directly if you wish to.

Dust: If issues of dust leaving the site are occurring then the contractor will be required to wet down or cover the areas that are creating the dust. This will be done as and when the issue arises. If you observe dust leaving the site please report it.
Mud tracking: Each truck will be going through a wheel wash on the site so this should not be a problem. If any mud is tracked onto the road the contactor will need to have this cleaned up immediately. If you observe mud being transported onto the road please report it.
Sediment control: This is being checked every day by the contractor and will be inspected by Council on at least a monthly basis. If there are any issues with the sediment controls not working and with sediment leaving the site please report it.
Hours of work: The hours of work that are allowed are 7.30am to 6pm Monday to Saturday. While the contractors work within these hours they also need to comply with the noise and vibration limits. If you have specific, justified concerns about noise and vibration levels then please report them. Please note that Dempsey Wood Civil has a self imposed rule to ensure that there is no heavy traffic using the Stonefields roads between 8.15am and 9am and 3pm to 3.30pm on school days. This is not imposed by Council, but if there are major issues with this Council would like to be informed.
Noise: As above.
Truck movements: The Stage 6 truck route has been previously advised. Council have advises us that Auckland Transport is confident that this route is sufficient and there is no requirement for a traffic management plan to be provided for approval.
Damage to roads and footpaths: Auckland Transport are the asset owner for roads and footpaths.There will be someone from Auckland Transport in Stonefields at least once a week to keep an eye on this. The contractor has also self imposed a 30km/hour limit on the speed of the trucks. Again this cannot be monitored by Council as the legal speed limit is 50km/hour. If there is noticeable damage to roads and footpaths please report it.