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Walking and cycling in and around Stonefields

Leave your car at home and enjoy some of the nearby walks and rides.

The map below shows access points to and from Stonefields for walking and cycling. It shows several local walks and rides.

Click the square at the top right of the map to see more details of each route. Like to share your own favourite nearby walks and cycle routes? Leave a comment below.

Stonefields Heritage Trail looking towards the maungarei

Walk: Stonefields Heritage Trail

(Purple line on the map.)

This wonderful facility provides a 1.6 km walking trail that skirts the walls of the old quarry, offering excellent views of Stonefields, Maungarei/Mt Wellington, and beyond. There are several entry/exit points to/from Stonefields and to the Lunn Ave shops and cafes. Suitable for walking and running. Due to steps in the middle, it is limited for cycles, prams, mobility scooters, etc. If you want to cycle or take a stroller, it’s probably best to enter via the Tihi/Papango entrance and exit at Lunn Ave near the Coffee Club (there are four steps at this exit). At the other end of Stonefields, you can enter via the steps at the corner of Tephra Blvd and Barbarich Drive, or via Magma Crescent.

Mt Wellington panorama

Walk: Goldsbury Track to the summit of Mt Wellington (about 30–45 min return)

Enjoy a great walk and spectacular 360-degree views of Auckland from the summit of Maungarei / Mt Wellington.
(Dark blue on the map.)

Panmure Basin fitness trail

Cycle/Walk: Stonefields to Panmure Basin Fitness Trail (about 45 min return by bike)

Follow this route to ride mostly on cycleways or quieter roads from Stonefields to the Panmure Basin, then walk or cycle around the Fitness Trail. Grab a coffee halfway at the Waipuna Hotel and take in gorgeous views from its deck across the water with Maungarei / Mt Wellington in the background. (Green and red on the map.)

Pakuranga Rotary Shared Path

Cycle/Walk: Pakuranga Rotary Shared Path (9km)

A few hundred metres from Panmure Basin is the start of the Rotary Walk. You can cycle or walk from Panmure Bridge to Half Moon Bay on a smooth, flat shared path with great views of the Tāmaki River and plenty of places to enjoy a picnic lunch, snack, fish, or just a rest to take in the views. For the kids, there’s the excellent Snakes & Ladders Park by the Pakuranga Yacht Club. If you’re really keen, take the ferry from half Moon Bay and go all the way to Waiheke Island!
(Olive Green on the map sowing the route from Panmure Basin to the start of the Rotary Walk.)
Full Route Map of Rotary Walk: //bit.ly/rotarywalk or read a description of the path.

Walk: Lunn Ave

OK, low on excitement but good for your health. It’s just 600 metres—about 10min—to walk from the steps at the Tihi / Barbarich corner (or a couple of hundred metres from Barbarich/Charles Heaphy Lane) to Lunn Ave for a quick trip to the supermarket, hardware store, or a cafe, pub or restaurant. Go on, do it!
(Light blue on the map.)

Got a favourite nearby walk, cycle route or outing you’d like to share? Leave a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Walking and cycling in and around Stonefields”

  1. When I cycled on the Pakuranga Rotary Shared Path I felt sorry for the pedestrians as it is not really wide enough to be shared.

    Unlike the new cycle-walkway between Merton Road and St John’s Road which is beautifully wide and pleasant to ride.

  2. Well done on these trails! But Ngahue Drive, which borders Stonefields, is a nightmare for cyclists. There’s not even a shoulder of the road to ride on. May I suggest that the large grassy verge lining the golf club across the road be used to house a 2-way cycle lane.

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