Message from the Chair

If you have recently moved into Stonefields – welcome from the Stonefields Residents Association! We are an active Association dealing on many fronts to safeguard and promote the interests of Stonefields residents. If you haven’t already, please become a member (see Membership page). The more residents we have, the more clout we have. There is also more exchange of views and information, all adding to the mix of a vibrant community.

New website
And, welcome to the SRA’s new website. We see representation and communication as key activities, along with community building. You can see the latest news on this website and also subscribe to an RSS feed when new items are posted – simply click on the “Entries RSS” link at the bottom of the left sidebar to action this. A newsletter will also be produced in hard copy as we are aware that not all residents are on the internet. We will get one produced in January and distribute this to all letterboxes in zip code 1072.

The website will continue to be improved. As a start, it would be great to use up-to date, high resolution photographs of Stonefields. If you have taken any photographs which you think would look great on the website we would really appreciate receiving them.

Brief notes
Much has been happening – please read all the latest news items, in particular the developments on The Warehouse plans for the corner of Ngahue and Lunn. In addition, and very briefly:

• thanks to the Stonefields Choir for a wonderful evening of carol singing in our parks last Monday evening;
• mark your calendars for community clean-up day on Neighbours Day, Sunday, 30 March;
• at the request of residents, Auckland Transport has prioritised investigation of a pedestrian access across the lower end of Stonefields Ave – their assessment is anticipated by the end of February;
• a resident has raised his concern about tree health in the suburb to the Orakei Local Board – the OLB is liaising with Council on this matter;
• you will see that the much-awaited footpaths approaching the market are near completion;
• a resident has been working with NZ Post to get a post box installed at the market – we’ll let you know if/when it happens;
• the SRA is working with Council to bring more sculptures to Stonefields parks – this may take some time but is worth pursuing – if you have ideas of what you would like please let us know;
• the SRA needs assistance with communications and graphic design – if you are a resident and have time to spare, we would love to hear from you!

Many residents express concern about speeding in Stonefields. There seems to be a particular tendency to speed up after turning the roundabout on College Road and heading down Bluegrey Ave. The SRA will keep working with Auckland Transport to make our roads safer. Remember to call *555 to report culprits. The SRA is not able to enforce compliance to the law or covenants.

The SRA wishes all residents a relaxing and safe holiday period.

Judith Hammond