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We have had a few questions asking about the Covenants so here is a reminder where to start:

Many residents may not be aware that each residential site in Stonefields is subject to a set of covenants placed on the title of each property.
The covenants are set out in the “Annexure Schedule” to each Certificate of Title. The covenants restrict certain actions, alterations or buildings within each site. These include limitations on:
• accessory buildings and sheds;
• the parking of caravans and mobile homes;
• structures in the front yard;
• the location of washing lines;
• residents or guest parking on the street unless in a formed parking bay;
• location of satellite dishes; and
• selling or leasing dwellings to Housing New Zealand.

For the time being, the covenants are between the landowner and the developer. If you think that the terms of the covenant are being breached by a neighbour, we suggest the following process:
1. You take the matter up with that neighbour in the first instance and make them aware of the particular covenant breach;
2. If that fails we suggest that you confirm your concerns in writing with that neighbour;
3. Finally, if all else fails you can ask Todd Property to enforce the covenant. Ultimately, the covenants are there to protect your investment and the shared streetscape and amenities that we all should enjoy.